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This site is open sourced on GitHub.

It's designed to be light-weight, accessible, privacy-friendly, easy to read and a little bit fun.

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Previous versions

Inspired by Alex, for entertainment/history, here are some previous versions of this site (with thanks to the WayBack Machine). I still like sea green, but I like accessible colour contrast more:


Sea green header, with grey subheading reading: policy researcher and software engineer trying to do the most good above tiled text boxes describing projects.


Minimalist sea green circle on white background, saying Jenny Brennan, Software Engineer. Was a parallax scrolling minimalist affair, only interrupted by an illustration of an armadillo halfway down the page. Looked slick, but I'm disappointed in myself for its poor accessibility.


Hello, I'm Jenny Brennan, a designer/developer/Jane of all trades (yes, that cheesy an intro), with links to projects, portfolio, blog and illustration of an armadillo.


Tiled images of projects including website design and development, illustration and events

(It looked a bit less broken at the time, honest.)


Business founder, web developer and drummer with illustration of pile of things including a bodhran, drum kit, iPod nano, books and some very nice shoes

Again, not sure if the WayBack machine just mangled it, or whether I never finished it.


Placeholder page with abstract tree and swing and retro Twitter button to @jennyhbren


This domain was owned by another Jenny Brennan. There are quite a few out there.