Policy researcher and software engineer, trying to do the most good.

Jenny Brennan - a brown-haired woman stood infront of the sea

Bridging technology and policy, I'm a software engineer, with particular interests in data and AI, as well as an obsession for all things policy and politics.

Previously at Twitter and Entrepreneur First, I've also worked with a number of early stage startups, on projects ranging from developing AI personal assistants to teaching over 200 kids to code. I have a soft spot for Clojure and functional programming.

I'm an instructor at Code First: Girls, lecturer at Ada College, and curate London Tech Meetups. I enjoy speaking at events.

My academic background is in Politics, Philosophy and Economics, and I have a particular interest in the effects of unconscious bias in hiring processes.

When I'm not doing those things, I'm usually found advocating for effective altruism (can I recommend this book?) or behind a drum kit.