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For fostering an inclusive hiring process.

February 01, 2018

Fostering an inclusive hiring process

These are resources I often recommend to help focus on different aspects of fostering an inclusive hiring process: from starting inside-out and considering your own team inclusivity, to reducing bias in job specs and hiring processes. Some are UK/London focussed as that’s where I’m based.

I last updated this list in November 2018.

Inclusive team

Job specs

  • Textio - improves job specs + gives you masculine-feminine tone analysis
  • Gender Decoder for Job Ads - open source tool based on the Gaucher, Friesen & Kay study for identifying gender-coded language in job ads
  • Tech Talent Charter - UK-based commitment and guidelines around hiring and diversity


  • London Tech Meetups - an open source list of London meetups for underrepresented groups in tech (disclaimer: I started it)
  • Ada’s List - worldwide community and mailinglist for women and non-binary people in tech
  • hiremorewomenintech.com - has an incomplete list of meetups worldwide, and also places to post jobs (also has some tips on job specs and other resources)

Hiring process

  • Applied - evidence-based application scoring system to avoid bias
  • Unbias - try anonymising your LinkedIn searching (disclaimer: I built this)
  • Anonymise HackerRank - HackerRank is not my preference for a quality or inclusive candidate experience, but if you don’t have a choice, I built this Chrome Extension to anonymise candidate submissions
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