Because you can never have too many.

  • ManifestWho?

    A game of guessing political party manifestos as an experiment in UK political understanding.

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  • Coders Who Teach

    A community focussed on growing best practice in coding teaching amongst educators from industry.

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  • Unbias

    A Chrome extension to remove faces and names in LinkedIn profiles and searches, to reduce the effects of unconscious bias on recruiters.

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  • Campaign Library

    A new library resource for activists and campaign organisers on campaign theory and practice. Research, product and development with Campaign Lab.

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  • Coding Teaching

    I'm a lead instructor with Code First: Girls, and 23 Code Street. I designed and taught Twitter's Coding 101 course around the world. I have taught over 500 women and girls their first line of code.

  • London Tech Meetups

    An open-source list of London tech meetups, categorised by languages, technologies, groups for beginners, and for underrepresented groups.

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  • Design & Illustration

    I have lead redesign and branding processes for YC-backed non-profit 80,000 Hours, kids learn to code platform Code Kingdoms and a number of SMEs. I also love illustration - both digital and on paper.

  • Speaking

    I regularly speak and moderate panels for conferences, meetups and workshops. I am always interested in speaking opportunities - feel free to get in touch.